I do online publishing

gesweb is my base of operations. From here, I operate my business empire.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Daniel Dutton.

I am a website designer, search engine marketer and content publisher.

This means I create and market stuff on the Internet.

Some of the things I’ve done…

I made this website for my local church. Oh, and the local parish council.

And a few websites for local businesses.

But I don’t do much work for others these days.

Instead, I have a portfolio of my own websites…but I won’t be sharing them here.

Well, maybe one…DSDWEB helps the UK’s health and social care workforce to study for their qualifications.

So, what is online publishing?

Online publishing is the publication of stuff on the Internet.

If you do a good job of creating stuff and people like it, they will be able to find you by using a search engine, such as Google. If it’s stuff that a lot of people search for, you will get a lot of visitors to your website. And if you get a lot of visitors, you have the opportunity to make some money from advertising.

That’s pretty much what I do.

Why the annoying cursive font?

Felt like it.

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